Conrad Barber Shop

Hair Cutting


Hair style is a steep edge that can make a difference between a haywire and a gentleman. A flawlessly done haircut gives your personality a distinctive appearance. It is, as you might say, a part and parcel of proper attire. So, you must pay attention to whom you entrust your head to while choosing the hair salon or barber shop near you for hair cutting. We admit that it is no walk in the park when it comes to picking the best hair salon that can give you a top-notch haircut. But worry not; here at Conrad’s Barber Shop, we offer you the ultimate hair care with the best-skilled hairdresser. With our barbers’ years of experience, you’ll get the hair style of your desire that will not only make your look unique and glamorous, but also define your personality. Man or woman, you can crown your own distinctive customized hair style or choose from the popular celebrity hair styles. Curly haircuts, wolf cut, buzz cut, mullet haircut, bob haircut, or even Justin Trudeau's new haircut, name yours, and we are ready to meticulously place the crown on your head. We guarantee style and a chic appearance with a welcoming environment to make you look fantastic and confident.