Conrad Barber Shop

Haircut & Shave


Style is something you already have; all you need to do is discover it. Conrad’s barber shop is the finest hair salon you can find that can help you uncover and mould your style. Thousands of hours of work experience have mastered our hairdressers and made them deft at providing great, seamless and genuine salon services.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that a nice haircut and a treated face increase your self-confidence. Hair cutting style represents your taste, sophistication, and personality.

In terms of facial hair removal, your personal choice will determine whether you use an electric or manual razor for shaving. You can look up the trending beard style and get yourself one. Be it Royale Beard, Anchor Beard, Goatee, or French Cut, our Salon will take care of that with perfection.

You can also let our barbers know your preferred hair style and have it the way you want. No matter what your hair type is- curly, wavy, or straight; no matter what style you want- wolf cut, buzz cut, mullet haircut, or bob haircut; here at Conrad’s barber shop, you are in hands.

Enjoy a unique experience from our skilled hair stylists along with complimentary refreshments and a soothing ambience. Hurry, don’t let your hair go rogue.