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Lining up your hair can turn your beautiful hair into a piece of art. It accentuates the hair volume and bestows your hair with a distinctive definition.

Hair Line Up has been the talk of the market for quite a long time. You may know this hair style as edge up, shape up, or lining. It frames the hairline with straight lines, right angles, or the preferred trimmed edge. Albeit, lining in men’s haircut used to be prevalent in short and black hair, but nowadays it is a regular addition to hair cutting for all hair types and lengths. Celebrities and fashion enthusiasts are seen to be fond of this style. If you happen to have a beard, a line up edged into the facial hair will give the face a consistent look.

To pull off this style with the right angles and consistency, the hair stylist’s craftsmanship is very crucial. Conrad’s Barber Shop, a Hair Salon near you, has the finest hairdresser whose skills are second to none. You can incorporate this style with Hairline, Corners, Combover, Long Hair, Buzz Cut, and so on.

Don’t wait, have yourself a drake cut and be trendy. We guarantee satisfaction and your recurrent trips to our barber shop.