Conrad Barber Shop



The face is the index of the mind. It’s your face that people put the most attention to and determine if you are happy, sad, angry, handsome, or untidy. So, in a world where fashion is instant language, it is pivotal that you treat your face with proper beard care with utmost priority. A good, smooth and seamless shave is more than necessary to serve the purpose.

When it comes to preference, wet vs dry shaving might be considered the fundamental distinction in shaving methods. Not every Salon near you can is equipped with the type of equipment and skilled hair stylists who can pull off the style and make the experience upright. But here at Conrad’s barber shop, our skilled hairdressers will make it very flawless and comfortable with no possibility of nicking your skin.

You can choose hot water and shaving cream that will provide you with a smooth glide over your skin with no razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You may also find dry shaving appealing due to its quickness and comfort.

Find your own style or adorn your face with the prominent Royale Beard, Anchor Beard, Goatee, French Cut, Or A Simple Stache. Turn the table with a handsome look; let the mirror instead see itself on your face.